My wonderful husband Dan and I reside in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We both come from Colorado and enjoy experimenting with a homestead lifestyle, however small the space. We love exploring the outdoors and acquiring new abilities as a team. 
Since high school, I've been an aspiring entrepreneur eager to learn and grow, and currently work as a contract freelance artist. As an art and design graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Southern Virginia University, I am committed to my vocation as an illustrator and take great pleasure in aiding others by bringing their narratives to life. Growing up with Lithuanian and German heritage I gather much of my inspiration from folklore and European picture books.
Through persistent appreciation of artwork in the film industry, I’ve developed my abilities in the business of world creation. By blending traditional and digital art, I look to share my unique style. 

I live for the in-depth research and dedicated attention it takes to make a scene believable. Concept art goes far beyond achieving the “look”. It is a process and an art in and of itself implementing minute details that tells a complete story. My passion is crafting inspired concepts into something captivating.
Thank you!
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